From the Desk of:  Fellacia Faye & Winston Highland
Date: January, 2010

Dear Friends ~

The blow job. Giving head. Going down. Oh, what potent phrases these are. In every sexual relationship, the blow job is one of those things that always comes up. It is an important part of any modern day sexual relationship, and according to men - it must be done right.

If you're like any normal woman, the blowjob can be a strange, awkward situation. Likely you've had thoughts of fear and anxiety over it. Take a look below.

Do These Thoughts Look Familiar?
  • Which way feels the best for him?
  • How does this work?
  • How will I impress him?
  • How will I not embarrass myself?
  • How can I know this thing that he seems to know so well?
Likely you've had these feelings yourself. Rest assure - you're not alone. Thousands of women search the internet each day for help with oral sex, only to find the same scattered, recycled information.

Many women are afraid of going down on their man because
they lack the confidence, the communication, the experience and the instruction of how to do it.  Lastly, they dont know how to enjoy it themselves. Warning: This can result in a man losing interest in you!

Take 3 minutes and read the rest of this site if you:
  • Have never given a blow job in your life, and want to learn everything there is to know, including insider techniques that very few women have thought of.
  • Are experienced with blow jobs, but want to know what makes an average blowjob great. (Trust us, 99% of blowjobs are just average!)
  • Want to learn how to improve your oral sex, guaranteed.
  • Want to keep your man coming back from more (but still have the power to turn him down any time you please..)

Your Sex Life Depends on This.

A healthy sex life is critical in any relationship. Without a solid, communicative sex life, you're missing out on the highest levels of your relationship. Many couples do mesh on many levels, but their struggles almost always seem to be in the sex department. Where do these feelings of doubt come from? Our answer: Lacking confidence, communication, experience and knowledge. By reading our ebook, you'll become a master of these areas.

Its critical you educate yourself in your sex life. Without a solid sex life, many partners move onward to more exciting and passionate affairs. Don't let your man wander off to someone else - show him what you're capable of. Learn how to give the blowjob of his wildest fantasies!

By reading our ebook and practicing these powerful techniques, you will instantly see the results healthy sex life brings out, including:
  • Better Communication (Honesty and Open-Mindedness)
  • More Commitment
  • Self Security and Confidence
  • Structure in Your Relationship
  • More Intimacy and Affection (From Him)
  • Improved Trust
  • Enhanced Long Term Relationship
  • Better Knowledge of Men

An Investment That Will Pay Itself Off, Instantly.

How much is it worth to you to have the ability to satisfy a man, every time you're sexually active with him? That is a question to ask yourself.

Because this ebook took a great deal of time and effort to assemble, we cannot give it away for free. However, we're asking the small price of $14.97. What else can you buy within this price range?
  • A date at the movies $14.50
  • An unhealthy fast food meal for two $12
  • A DVD Movie
  • A fraction of your monthly phone bill

Why not invest it in something that will enhance your sexual confidence, communication and skills for the rest of your lifetime.

In addition to the ebook, we're including 9 red hot sex-related ebooks, absolutely free with purchase.
More on that later...

Learning how to give a blowjob is something women should be able to do with ease and confidence. When done correctly, it blasts relationships to new heights of comfort and control. Take a moment to read what this $14.97 investment can offer you.

  • How to breathe and how not to breathe during oral sex.
  • How to utilize a man's fantasies and make them work to your advantage.

  • Why you should never listen to your women friends when it comes to learning how to give head.

  • How to talk dirty - and how not to talk dirty .

  • 10 advanced techniques that will blow him away (that he's never experienced before.. guaranteed!)

  • Anatomy of a Man 101 (Not as simple as you think).

  • How to use a man's desires to meet your own sexual needs.

  • The 3 unspoken rules of oral sex that you must know.

  • The top 5 mistakes most women make when giving a blowjob.

  • Several hot, highly unique oral sex positions that will blow him away.

  • Why one blowjob technique may work on one man, but may actually hurt another man.

  • 5 mental moves you must master before giving head.

  • The "Light Bulb" technique - why turning him him on can seem complicated at first, but incredibly easy with practice.

  • Advice on how to mentally prepare for for blowjob.

  • Why most women are terrible at giving head.

  • Why ts not all about him - how to gain pleasure yourself.

  • 3 universal rules of blowjob etiquette .

  • 3 things you must know about oral sex safety.

  • 5 exercises to get your mouth and tongue into shape for the blowjob.

  • Sensual kisses that get you both ready for oral sex.

  • 30 Instructional Pages in PDF Format - instantly available on your PC or Mac.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% Money Back.

"Sucks you in.. an entertaining read about a topic all women worry about.. the inexorable blow job."

"The Guide to Going Down is the best book on all the things mother never told you about."                                                                                                            

-Chadwick Valley Review

"Smart, fun, clean and necessary. The Internet needs more things like this. Its nice to know there is a book that tells the dirty little secrets of male pleasure.. while also illustrating safe sex.."                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                              -Kim Clowes, Therapist

"Believe it or not - pleasing a man can be a complex science. This book unravels the mysteries of giving good head. My partner read this book, and then passed it onto me. Then she showed me a few techniques. I was quite impressed!"
                                                                                                                                -Rex Butte, Adult Film Star

"The greatest tips on the most intimidating act of foreplay..."
Dawn Mattey, Author

(Why are we giving you these free bonuses? They were a tiny expense to us and we're certain that they'll be a great convenience for you. )

Learning to give a blowjob without proper instruction can be a strange trial and error process. It can often be both unpleasant and embarassing to you and your partner. My best suggestion - grab our book today and learn the tricks you need to know. And if you're not satisifed? Simply email me back and I will send you your money back, no questions asked.

My Best of Luck in Your New Sex Life,

Fellacia Faye & Winston Highland - Authors

P.S. - Your name and information will be kept 100% confidential. I promise.

- Remember our guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll give you your money back.

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